Tire Inspection

Manually measuring tire tread depth is very time consuming and error prone. Are you looking for solutions to increase efficiency in your workshop as well? Our Easy Tread automated tire diagnostic tool measures millions of data points per tire to accurately, quickly and reliably identify unsafe tires.

The fully automated results indicate potential problems with the chassis or tire pressure, which manifest themselves as uneven tire wear. Easy Tread not only helps to keep tire sales going and to increase service options, but also ensures more transparency and trust in order to increase customer loyalty. Learn more today about how to increase the safety of your customer's vehicle. 

Automatic tire tread depth measurement with many advantages 

  • Rapid diagnosis : Up to 8km/h drive-over speed: tread depth and wear pattern known within a few seconds
  • Fast reaction: Immediate recommendations for action: in the event of irregular tire wear
  • Flexible installation : above-ground or under-ground installation possible
  • More security: High precision and reliability of the values
  • Easy to use: transmission of the measurement results to any display device
  • Easy integration : into local dealer management systems via web or push API (optional)
  • Smart solution : automatic license plate and country recognition (optional)