Inspection Systems

Autonomous inspection systems provide transparency, protects reputation, and increases profits. Available in various configurations, you can design an inspection system the is right for you. 


  • BodyGuard - Six High-definition cameras strategically placed to capture the vehicle 360 degrees bumper to roof. These cameras are automatically triggered to record on vehicle entry/exit. BODYGUARD automatically tags each vehicle with the license plate so it's easily retrievable.


  • FASTLIGN - The world's first autonomous alignment inspection system . Checks vehicle alignment status in virtually no time, without touching the wheels or vehicle, measuring all four tires with laser-based technology and rock solid accuracy. High definition cameras capture images of the vehicle and license plate as the vehicle drives through the scan towers. FASTLIGN automatically identifies the license plate, VIN, Year/Make/Model of the vehicle and produces the OEM specifications. FASTLIGN then compares the scan results with the OEM specifications resulting in an instant detailed report to share with your customer. This precise measurement occurs in 3 seconds as a customer drives into your service area.


  • EasyTread - Full automated tire measurement system. Results indicate potential problems with the chassis or tire pressure, which manifest themselves as uneven tire wear. Easy Tread not only helps to keep tire sales going and to increase service options, but also ensures more transparency and trust in order to increase customer loyalty.