Premium Touchless

Wheel alignment Touchless: Measure without contact

Wheel alignment without touching with Touchless

No set-up times for holders or panels, no removing hubcaps, no scratching of rims...always ready to measure! Your advantages with non-contact wheel alignment at a glance: 

  • Measurement in a matter of seconds:  Complete measurement in a matter of seconds without damaging the customer's vehicle means for you: increased profits with every vehicle.
  • Free work space in front of the stage:  Touchless offers space for the permanent positioning of ADAS calibration tools and headlight adjustment devices in front of the stage. 
  • Innovative 2-in-1 system:  With Touchless you have a fully-fledged wheel alignment system with additional quick measurement for direct diagnosis. 
  • Plug & Play installation:  Touchless is calibrated at the factory and is immediately ready for use after installation at the measuring station. 
  • Driving Compensation:  Touchless simplifies the measurement of heavy or electronically locking vehicles. 
  • Highest Repeatability : Touchless eliminates user error by eliminating holders and panels. 
  • Simultaneous 4-wheel measurement : Touchless guarantees full control during adjustment work thanks to live display of all changes to the chassis.
  • Beissbarth Touchless: Wheel Aligner | for USA

    Beissbarth Touchless: Wheel Aligner | for USA

     Beissbarth Touchless - The easiest and quickest form of wheel alignment for ultimate productivity | with cabinet, High Performance PC and 27" monitor | incl. turntablesNEW: Optimized SmartTest procedure that increases the service opportunities with...
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